Weekly Fiery Creek, 31/07/2016

This week in the news:

 Mural Painting Serial Killer arrested

The infamous Mural Painting Serial Killer got arrested this Friday in a heroic action led by Vee, town hero and the favourite mayoral candidate according to some polls that we have actually carried out. This means that the murderer that had terrorised the town with his gorgeous murals will not be able to act anymore, and he will be tried for his crimes.

According to what Vee himself declared to this newspaper, he was on a date when him and whichever lucky girl has had the honour of going on a date with our beloved hero stumbled upon the Mural Painting Serial Killer, red handed with paint and blood of his victims, as he  created a beautiful new mural in the Farmer’s Market. The serial killer attacked them both, but Vee was quick to draw his sword and fight back. Vee fought bravely against the might of the killer, and managed to land a decisive blow. His date then froze the killer in a block of ice.

Town Council officials took the block of ice to prison, congratulating themselves on their ‘heroic actions’. There were some initial announcements from Town Council about celebrating the event in a medal giving ceremony in which they would give themselves some medals. The townspeople, however, reacted violently in social media against said idea – some comments even read stuff like “The Council is full of SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, which was very hurtful to the Council members -, and so the ceremony was called off later that same evening.

With this, in a historic first poll ever conducted in this town, 71.33% of the respondents stated that they would vote for Vee in the upcoming mayoral elections, and a 77.63% of the respondents agreed that the Town Council should stop vetoing Vee’s nomination. This comes with mixed reviews about the need of Town Council in town, with a 47.32% of the polled citizens stating that “the Town Council is an archaic construct that only hinders the normal functioning of town and benefits a select few that happen to be chosen by a corrupt and undemocratic system that should be abolished”.

When pressed for comments, the Council has refused to accept that they have suffered a sharp decline on their popularity, stating that “the citizens need us”, “the other day a woman in a wheelchair came to thank us for our service” and “we are a necessary part of the town”. While the first and last remarks are quite debatable, the second one refers to Amelia Beyer, who has been part of the Council for the last 22 years.

Giant black mamba spotted in town

There have been several reports of a giant black mamba appearing in town. Apparently, several citizens have reported sighting a snake 15 metres long running around town, following several smaller black mambas. This seems to be related to the black mamba gang that formed in the Spring Fair, when a bunch of black mambas managed to escape their crates and crawl into town.

There have been no pictures to confirm this, though. We sent our intern Paul in a suicide mission to meet Neighbourhood Watch founder Doris Waters to ask whether her surveillance system had caught any images of such a large snake crawling in formation with several other snakes, but, in short, the answer that Doris transmitted to Paul was that, since the wicked  Solstice happened, her security system got wiped out by some powerful magic, and since the Town Council is still rebuilding her house, she has not been able to set up the system again. Paul did not survive this mission. We send our condolences to his family.

It is difficult to know whether this snake actually exists or not. Maybe the corpse that appeared yesterday with giant snake bites might be proof that the black mamba gang is expanding its army and has a giant among its ranks, but it is not conclusive, as the forensic evidence still needs to prove these claims. For the moment, however, caution is advised, specially when being approached by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Presidential candidates confirmed by their party congresses

Satan and Freddie Kruger have been confirmed by the Dark Arts for Tyranny Party Congress and the Dark Arts for Massacre Party Congress. This means that the two candidates will face each other in the presidential elections that will take place later this year.

Satan has obtained the confirmation with an unanimous vote, even his direct rival during the primaries, the Dark Warlock, has supported Satan as a candidate for the presidency of this country. There are sceptics that say that this had been staged, and that the Dark Warlock was the candidate of the people, while Satan was the candidate for the Party. Some Dark Arts for Tyranny voices have stated that the people who say these things are just sulking, that they are “sore losers” and that they should “STFU”.

Meanwhile, the Dark Arts for Massacre Party stays divided even after Mr Kruger’s win, as the Horseman of War and his supporters do not want to have him as president. Freddie Kruger, however, has not asked for unity, and is currently haunting everyone’s worst nightmares worldwide.


Fiery Creek Horoscope, 30/07/2016

This is the horoscope for this week. As always, remember that in weeks with more than two primes the prediction gets reversed, and that the week of the full moon horoscopes don’t work. On the other hand, if there is an eclipse somewhere in the world, horoscopes work an infinitesimal factor of d better.

Aries: well, that’s what you get for continuing your murderous activities. You are not going to rot in prison, I can see that far into the future, which, if I’m 100% honest with you, is quite a shame. Your fellow inmates will call you Mr Frosty – I mean, you did arrive to the prison inside a block of ice, and you had to get thawed -, and every attempt to get them to say your true name will fail. Also, don’t go to the showers – or to any public, open space, really -, as the inmates still remember what you did to those orphans – they get their newspapers with a lag of about a week.

Taurus: don’t wear white clothes to that photoshoot. Yes, I know, they say that a white suit goes well with black skin – but damn are you black. You are so black that the contrast of the image will be too much if you are wearing a white suit and the camera will explode in the photographer’s face, scarring him for life and creating a bloody show for everyone to see.

Gemini: you are now officially part of the black mamba gang, and you have been transformed into a gigantic black mamba. You are a 15 metre long snake, roaming the city with its gang, terrorizing the citizens wherever you go. You can also collaborate with the other black mambas in a complex maneuver by which you all take the form of a Jehovah’s Witness. Please, don’t lose yourself into this identity. It’s extremely important that you remember that you are a human being. Don’t let go. The future of this town depends on it.

Cancer: the week of silence has ended. Now is when the test continues. It’s not any harder than before, exactly the same things are going to happen. You will appear in the grounds of the Fiery Creek General Hospital again, the call hammering into your mind. But you know why this part is harder? Because this week you’ve grown complacent. You haven’t prepared yourself, you have just taken some rest. It pains me to say this, but you will answer the call. Please, try to resist. Don’t go into the Hospital.

Leo: water bending, Ancient Greek Philosophy, and now you are travelling to the Orient to learn their Martial Arts. Have you considered coming back for work? No? Fine, I guess. You will have to stop detour through Al-Andalus in its scientific, artistic and philosophic height. Definitely worth stopping there, even though it might not seem interesting at first. Learning how to kick and punch can wait a bit.

Virgo: well done! The date was a success, and you both captured the Mural Painting Serial Killer! Both John Fier and Erin Pyp were positively impressed, but don’t let your guard down. Mamma Luca and Ba’al have yet to give their approval. On the other hand, your popularity for Mayor will be off the charts. Also, could you possibly go take a look at the Registry of Lost and Found? Someone needs help there.

Libra: look, just get a hitman. Really. These ANUS people are just – if you will excuse my language – a bunch of assholes. Get them all killed, that’s the only solution I personally see.

Sagittarius: I know what’s going on. I have clarity now. And I will make sure to expose you.

Capricorn: you see? I told you one of your children might be a lawyer in disguise! Thank God you had that gun at hand to shoot him immediately! OK, now that the lawyer threat has been temporarily neutralized, make sure you start to get seeds. Get as many seeds as you can. You need a few hundred/a few thousand per plant. I will send you the details in the mail.

Aquarius: well, shit. You were almost there, and then some magic force had to shake reality. I’ve sent some help for you. You can still obtain the sword, but you need to concentrate. Also, don’t look up in the following range of (ρ, φ, z)  = (4-5m, 45-57º, 3-5m), given that you are a set of mobile cylindrical coordinates, where (ρ, φ, z)  = (0m, 0º, 0m) is a point that is defined by the intersection of the floor plane with your plane of symmetry, and is right below your centre of mass. Remember, don’t look up there. It will definitely kill you.

Pisces: you have a probability of exactly 7/23 of spontaneously turning into a drake this week. So yeah, if you are a woman, not only will you turn into a duck, but also into a male duck. Good luck explaining to friends and family how you are trans-species and trans-gender now.


Erin and I were checking on you from the other side of Main Square. Erin was using the binoculars, because she was the one who could do the better lip-reading.

“He has ordered a chocolate milkshake. Anne is getting an Aztec coffee” she told me.

“What is that?” I hadn’t heard of it.

“It depends on the recipe, but in this place they put some ice cream into the coffee, and then whipped cream on top” Erin explained without putting her eyes off the binoculars. “They are having a friendly chat”.

“What are they talking about?” I asked.

“Pets. He says he would like to have a dog. But they both seem to be talking too passionately about the subject for it to just be dogs”.

“Do you think it could be a metaphor for having children?” I adventured.

“That could make sense” Erin conceded. “The drinks have arrived. Oh. Oh, my. Wow. I cannot believe my eyes!”

“What is it?” I asked worriedly, standing up from the bench. “Do I have to intervene?”

“The waiter has misplaced the drinks, and when they were each getting their own drink, their hands have touched” she explained.

“Was that contact necessary?”

“I don’t think so. I mean, it looked accidental, but you never know” she added. “He is being funny and approachable. He just told a Class B joke”.

“Class B? That’s not too bad. He is being conservative” I commented.

“She has asked about his family and environment. His response seems genuine. OK, add a grandma, a sister and three cousins to the to-check list. We need a whole background check”.

“Got it” I said, as I wrote them in a list.

Oh. My. God.” Erin was taken aback.

“What? What’s going on? Erin, tell me what’s going on!”

“She had placed her hand on the table, and he has placed his hand over hers”.

What? That bastard! I am going there!” I jumped.

“No, wait, wait” Erin held me from the arm. “She seems comfortable with the contact. They are now comparing their hands. Is that…? Yes, that’s prolonged eye to eye contact. She is so going to fall for him”.

“We have to intervene, Erin” I said.

“I agree. Let’s go”.

Erin packed the binoculars on her handbag and I put my notes inside my jacket. We then went around Main Square, making it seem that we were just chilling around. We approached the Parallel Reality cafeteria and went directly to your table. I spoke first.

“Hello, Anne!” I greeted.

“Oh, hello, John, Erin” you greeted back.

“Hello, Anne” Erin greeted you.

“Sorry, are we interrupting something? It looks like you two are on a date or something” I said in a completely calculated maneuver.

“You are just so inopportune, John, disturbing these two” Erin added, in an acted reproach.

Vee then stood and greeted us. “Yes, we were on a date, but from what Anne has told me, I understand that you two are family friends of hers. Please, join us”.

“Yes, please, do join us, Erin, John” you added.

We were positively impressed. I took Vee’s hand and gave him a handshake. His hand had a firm grip. “Nice to meet you, Mr Fier. I am Vitor”.

“Nice to meet you, too” I answered, staring into his eyes. He stared back with a smile.

“We would love to stay” Erin said. “But we have errands to run. We just have happened to run onto you guys and John wanted to say hello”.

“Aha…” you didn’t seem convinced at all. “It’s OK, then. Have a nice afternoon. See you” you saw us go.

We got to the rooftop of the Spanish Centre for English Education, and observed from there.

“What was your impression of the guy?” I asked.

“He was polite and confident. It almost looked like he knew that we were going to pop up” Erin commented, suspiciously.

“Yes, I have stared right into his eyes while we were shaking hands, and he hasn’t flinched at all” I added. “I don’t know what to make out of that”.

“Maybe he is just a genuine guy who is genuinely interested in Anne” Erin proposed.


“Wait. That’s too quick. He’s paying the bill. She is saying they should leave. Go for a walk or something. Just go to a more… private spot?” Erin was incredulous.

“Wait, she has suggested that?” I was also confused.

“Oh, I get it. We’ve blown our cover before. Now Anne knows we are watching and would like some privacy” Erin said.

“We need to follow them”.

“They are going to the Farmer’s Market”.

“Let’s go!”

We followed closely, trying to be unnoticed, which was not difficult, because the Market was full of people and farmer’s stands with stuff. We stopped in front of the nun’s stand, pretending to be looking at some tomatoes while observing you guys. Vitor seemed tense. When you guys were about to go around the corner, he made a sword appear. We ran.

Vitor had stopped a man with a brush just in time. The man was painting a mural, and several dead people were lying next to him. The man had tried to attack you both, but he had been ready for it. Vitor fenced against the man, who was an extremely dangerous combatant with just his brush. As they turned and tried to slash at each other, Vitor finally managed to make his sword connect against the serial killer, but he was also hit by the brush. He fell to the floor, wounded.

We were almost there when the mural painter approached you menacingly. Before Erin or I could even pronounce a spell, he brought his brush down on you. You rose your hands, trying to protect yourself, and the man froze. His whole being froze, from the inside out, and he was trapped in an ice block. You gasped and kneeled next to Vitor.

“Are you OK?” you asked.

“It’s alright, don’t worry” he reassured you. “I’ve managed to avoid part of the attack. This wound is just superficial. What’s most important, are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’ve managed to freeze him”.

“That was impressive of you” he smiled.

“Well, I mean, he had been weakened by your blow”.

“But you were the one that captured it” he said.

“Let’s say we both did it”.

“Are we interrupting anything?” I asked.

“You are so repetitive, John” you told me. “I knew you guys would be following us”.

I blushed. Erin was much fiercer. “We’re not sorry. It could’ve got dangerous with the serial killer”.

“We’ve managed. We make a good team” you said. “Also, you guys were not concerned about serial killers, you were concerned about how Vee would treat me. I know you guys consider yourselves my extended family, and I understand your concern, but usually you wait a little more before introducing the family”.

You made us promise we would give you some space against our own will. We, however, decided that we would have Mamma show us through her magic mirror.


Lynda’s easy magic potions: Azelyte

Welcome, one more time, to Lynda’s easy magic potions, where I teach you guys how to make easy and fun potions! I am going to use this space to make a statement. Last month I could not make an article for this magazine because I was sick, and so my editor asked my sister whether she would write something. And you know what? Apparently she was very popular among readers and now that bitch is getting her own monthly articles. I just cannot believe this. I was the one who wrote articles for this magazine, OK? She has no right to do this to me. She is just one of those butch manly feminists who think they are better than us because they don’t use any make up. What a bitch.

I’m sorry about that, I just had to write it. I also want to say that I really appreciate your loyalty and loved your support for this section. Anyway, let’s get to potion making, shall we? As I promised, this one is going to be a bit of a challenge, but don’t worry – with some tricks that I will show you, it’s going to super easy.

Today’s potion is Azelyte. This one is not very well known, so let me just tell you what it does (you are just going to love it!). So the idea is that, when you need to put on the make up, sometimes you might be unsure of what the right combination of colours is for you, am I right? I have struggled so much trying to get the right foundation colour for my skin, and that’s just the beginning of my make up routine! Azelyte is a potion that you apply over your make up and it corrects the colours so that it suits your skin and face. I know, right? It’s like my dream come true!

It’s rumoured that famous people have been using this potion for the last like 90 years. Apparently its usage was not very widespread until Marilyn Monroe popularized it, and O.M.G., did she look gorgeous. She is one of my idols (despite my sister saying that I shouldn’t have a drug addict as my idol, but whatever, like, what does she know?), and I always try to get a look that resembles her. Thanks to Azelyte, it looks so much better on me! Have I convinced you of its potential? Let’s get started with it!

The ingredients are pretty common. You are going to need:

  • Dragon blood, harvested under a Crescent Moon.
  • A bit of cocoa powder. Results vary according to which cocoa you choose, you should experiment to see which one works for best for you!
  • A bone from one of your direct ancestors who lived at least 300 years before you.
  • A part of yourself, the more important the part you put, the better results you obtain. For optimal results, use a piece of brain or heart.

Macerate your ancestor’s bone in the dragon blood. The bone has to break into exactly three pieces. If it breaks into two or four pieces, you will need to start again with another bone, and if none of the bones from that ancestor work, you may need to get bones from another ancestor. Be careful to check whether there are small pieces of bone in the blood, you should separate the bone from the blood and examine the mixture.

Once you have the bone in three pieces, you have to put it back in the dragon blood and wait until it dissolves completely. Some people say it doesn’t matter whether the bone breaks into three pieces or not, because it’s going to dissolve in the blood anyway, but I am superstitious to believe that the number three has no significance, because 3 is a sacred number and should always be taken into account.

Once the bone has been dissolved into the blood, you need to pray to a God you don’t believe in. This sounds tricky, because the moment you pray to  God to make a potion it would seem that you are looking for some divine guidance. But believe me, this prayer serves no purpose, like half the steps for this potion, so whatever God you decide to pray for will not affect the potion-making whatsoever.

The next step is to add whichever part you have decided to remove from your own body. I took my heart and threw it into the pot, just like that, with some blood, and it went all red! You then just turn it exactly pi times clockwise, and then you add the cocoa and mix one turn clockwise, one counter-clockwise, one clockwise, one clockwise, one counter-clockwise, one clockwise, and follow that sequence until it looks right.

You can then just apply it to your own face! With this, you are just going to look divine!

Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 27/07/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 27th July 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. The Mural Painting serial killer is on the loose. He has been spotted in several places across town painting murals, and killing his victims with a brush. It has been confirmed that the serial killer is a man. He is extremely dangerous and should by no means be approached. Only magic users above rank X should try to confront or stop this brutal murderer.
  2. Cats and dogs are going to collaborate with the rest of the animal community to start a Forum in which animals can peacefully discuss animal rights, what it means to coexist peacefully in Fiery Creek and issues about race and xenophobia. Though there is no fixed date for this, it has been calculated that it may start in about a month, when all animal communities have elected their representatives. Please do not interfere with this process. Also, be careful, several violent groups have caused incidents in Fiery Creek.
  3. A couple of wolf-like creatures have been spotted in town. They have appeared at the same time in which the house of Yvette Johnson’s, director of the Fiery Creek General School for Adults, house has been destroyed once again. Ms Johnson is nowhere to be found, and it is not possible to know whether these feral creatures have anything to do with it. Just in case, don’t approach them. Everything seems to be quite dangerous this week, so if you sight any weird creature, do not approach it. You will probably die.
  4. As part of the negotiation with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Town Council is going to hold a meeting with them. The Four Horsemen are going to come to town to see what can be done about Literature Week, which is scheduled for October, exactly when the Horsemen are going to ride. We recommend that everyone gets their provisions ready for what might happen when the Horsemen visit us. You have been warned.

Important Sites of Fiery Creek 12: Fiery Creek Abbey

So, if Fiery Creek General Hospital is not a place to treat the sick and the injured, where do people go when they have an illness? We’ve been told that most people in Fiery Creek use magic at home to heal the sick, but what if something happens to a tourist, or somebody who cannot use magic, or someone who refuses to use magic? Where do these people get treated?

Several readers have asked this completely legitimate question, and it’s time to answer it. Fiery Creek Abbey is the place where sick people get treatment for their diseases.

Fiery Creek Abbey is a late Gothic convent that got transported in time to its current position back in 1858. It is not known where this abbey comes from, but several clues point out that it is probably a Spanish abbey, as the buildings include French, Islamic and early Renaissance influences, and they have rose windows. Nobody has ever spoken to the nuns living there, not to disrupt their lives, but they have always given several services to the town.

The Abbey Hospital is next to the church, a limestone building where the nuns treat whomever needs their help. They offer this service for free, which has led to several investigations to discover whether there is any money laundering going on. There are a lot of questions: how could a bunch of nuns build such a complex set of buildings? Why would they suddenly appear far from their own country and time? Why would they offer free services? Many believe that this is a tax evasion scheme by which the nuns built the whole complex and then took it away in time just to avoid problems with their authorities.

The Abbey also has its own land, where the nuns grow fruit, vegetables and animals. They sell these products at the Fiery Creek Farmer’s Market, at a low price, and they provide most of the town with fresh food. Several of the other farmer’s have complained that the Abbey is using some sort of magic to grow their crops, and offer the food at a fraction of the market price, thus making it extremely difficult for them to compete. They have asked for some regulation against the nuns. This, however, is America, and real Americans believe that the government interfering with the invisible hand of the market is what communists would do, so the nuns have not been disrupted in their activities.

Overall, they contribute silently to the community, and it’s possible to see these nuns walking around town, running some errands, and sometimes even sharing a glass of lemon juice from the Sacred Lemon Tree in Main Square – which means that they are good, pure people, but also monsters for being able to swallow that thing without problems.

History of Fiery Creek 12: Mary Clark vs Satan, round 1

“How dare you say that?” Satan shrieked.

“Look, I think you were interpreting my signals in the wrong way” Ba’al started to explain.

“You say that I was the one who was misinterpreting your signals? You are going to give me that now?” Satan was enraged.

“Yes, of course you were! I was just being nice!” Ba’al shouted.

Being nice?” Satan could not believe what he was hearing.

Yes, being nice” Ba’al repeated. “I am a nice person, I tend to be nice to people in general. Isn’t that right, Mary?”

“He actually is” Mary stated.

“Nobody is nice in Hell! If you are nice in Hell, it means you love someone!”

“But remember, Satan, I am not from Hell” Ba’al cut Satan before he started to rant.

This statement had caught Satan off guard. He seemed hurt. “So you were just being fake…”

“No, that’s not it, either. I consider you my friend” Ba’al was exasperated, as if that was the 7 millionth time that he had to explain the same thing.

“Oh, so that’s what I am, then? Just a friend” he spat the last word.

Both Satan and Ba’al remained silent for a whole minute, so Mary decided to take part in the conversation. “So… Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared, are you guys going to go back to Hell, so that we can start the rebuilding of our town?” she asked.

“No. I’m only going to go back with Ba’al” Satan stated, his words calm, but full of fury.

Mary thought about it. “OK, I think I know how we can settle this. Each side gets a kiss with Ba’al, he stays with whichever side wins his heart. What do you think, Satan? Do you like the idea?”

Ba’al turned towards Mary in shock. “What…?”

“I agree” Satan said, confidently, with a twisted smile in his lips.

Merlin intervened. “Mary, can we speak for a minute?”

They both moved a few metres away. Merlin whispered. “Are you crazy? Satan’s kiss can bend any will! We are definitely going to lose Ba’al!”

“I know all of that, that’s why I have proposed it If we beat him in his own game, he will leave us alone for a while”.

“But it’s impossible to beat him!”

“I have a plan. I just need you to…” the rest of it became completely inaudible. Merlin nodded. When Mary finished speaking, the wizard left.

“Where is your friend going?” Satan asked.

“Don’t worry about him” Mary answered. “He will be back soon enough. Anyway, Satan, it’s your call. Kiss Ba’al”.

Ba’al’s eyes were wide open. As Satan approached him, he tried to go back, but Satan held him from the neck with a firm hand. Satan approached with loving eyes, and looked up at Ba’al’s face, which stood about 10 centimetres taller. He licked his lips and pronounced a low “At last”, and then he pulled Ba’al’s face down. When their lips connected, Ba’al’s resistance started to decrease, until it became non-existent. Satan enjoyed the kiss for a long minute.

As the kiss finished, Merlin arrived. Mary looked at Ba’al, who was very obviously out of his own mind, controlled by Satan. Satan licked his lips and faced Mary Clark. “This is not ideal, but he’s mine now. Your call now, Mary”.

“Oh, I am actually not involved with Ba’al romantically” she explained. “And I am also not going to be the one kissing Ba’al from our side”.

Satan seemed confused. “So then, who…?”

“Her” was the only thing that Mary responded.

Diane approached with Merlin, and she advanced towards Ba’al as Merlin stood next to Mary Clark. She pulled Ba’al down softly, and she kissed him in the cheek. “Thank you for always being there, dad” she said.

Ba’al snapped out of it and hugged Diane. “How…? How do you know? I thought I had erased your mother’s memory…”

Satan was puzzled. “How is this even possible?”

“The love for a child cannot be beaten by anything” Mary explained. “Now, as you have promised, please, leave this town” Mary requested.

Satan and his troops disappeared. Merlin looked at Mary, as confused as Satan had been. “But if Ba’al is this child’s father… then this child must be the Antichrist!”

Mary shook her head. “Nothing further from reality. Ba’al was a God that was forgotten by his people. He then joined the ranks of Angels, and Satan took him down in the War in Heaven. But Ba’al has retained his divine being”.

“That’s the reason he could heal! Demons lost the power of healing when they turned away from Heaven!” Merlin understood.

“Yes, that’s it. Then Ba’al got involved with Diane’s mother, and left her pregnant. He is an immortal being, so he did not feel like an adequate candidate to be the father of the child, so he erased the woman’s memories and disappeared from her life. But then this woman somehow found her way through the desert and got here with her baby child. Ba’al has secretly been taking care of her ever since. Of course, Diane knew everything from the very beginning, which was the reason why she allowed him to be around her” Mary completed the explanation.

Merlin nodded. He then brought out a sapphire gem out of his pocket. “With this, my work here is finished. I have assessed Diane’s power and assisted the town when it was in need. If you ever need me again, use this” he handed the gem to Mary.

“Fiery Creek thanks you for your assistance” Mary bowed. “You will always be welcome in this town”.

As he said his goodbyes and left, Merlin felt that those words would remain true forever.