Mamma felt herself getting called into the circle. The three of them were already together, and in the higher levels of the Registry of Lost and Found. They were still twisted, and far from what the building had originally been, but it was much easier for them to manage up there than in the depths, near that damn toaster. Deborah Peterson was still following them, but they could manage.

She appeared in the circle, among the Three. They looked neutral, as they always did.

“Mamma… your power is back” the first one stated.

“And you have destroyed the High Witch” the second one added.

“Her function had already been finished” Mamma answered.

“That is true” the third one added.

“Yet we need to question you on your motives” the first one continued.

“It is necessary, today needs to be a success” the second one added.

“I do understand that. But I have no intention of ruining today. You know I cannot lie to you”.

“That is true” the third one stated.

“But there is a risk that conflicting interests may lead you to it, even though it may not be your intention” the first one objected.

“And that we cannot tolerate” the second one said.

“You need not worry. I am done for today. My only job now is to bring her here safely” Mamma said.

“That is true” the third one stated.

“We believe you” the first one said.

“But we still want to know why” the second one completed.

“It was an old grudge. A matter between humans” Mamma explained.

“That is true” the thirs one stated.

“Could you define it as a community problem, then?” the first one asked.

“Is it part of the harm inflicted by you humans to each other as part of that coexistence?” the second one inquired.

“It is” Mamma was short this time.

The third one remained mute.

“What does this mean, Mamma Luca?” the first one asked.

“What are you hiding from us?” the second one insisted.

Mamma sighed. “It is a human matter. And I believe only humans should know about this matter. Only a select few among them”.

“That is true” the third one stated.

“What is it?” the first one continued.

“You need to tell us!” the second one pressed on.

“I need not tell you, and I won’t. I will bring Erin with me, and your work here will be finished”.

“That is true” the third one stated.

Before they could start talking again, Mamma interrupted them. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to make sure that Erin lives to the end of this day, so I’ll take my leave”.

She snapped her fingers and went back to Sand Street. She felt back inside. What a disaster. She had just been outside for a while, she had just stopped focusing for a few minutes, and disaster had happened. It could be worse, but it was going to be a pain.

She waited for her opportunity.


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