Denna’s Charm of the week


You might not know me, but I’m Denna, Lynda’s younger sister. I am very talented at charms and incantations, while my sister is good at potions. She, however, is much more popular than I am, and so she has a section in this Journal. This week she is sick, so they want me to do some filler for her – though they didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic about it.

It’s very hard to be on your sister’s shadow (even more so when she is the younger one). I am very talented in my own field myself, it’s just that, because I don’t put on any make up and dress like some harlot-witch costume bought for Halloween, I don’t get much credit. It’s even worse because my sister is a complete bitch about it.

Seeing this, I though that some others of you might have brothers or sisters that are annoying to you, so these are some charms – or more like, hexes – that can help you give them a bit of a hard time:

  • Sarannat: this one turns your brother’s or sister’s significant other into a toad. They will have to kiss it to turn them back to normal! You just need to cast the spell, and the first person you touch will be turned into a toad.
  • Waverio: this one is specially useful for those sisters who like to straighten their hair (like my own sister). Whenever they need to straighten their hair, use this hex on them, and they will not be able to uncurl their hair. The effect wears off after an hour of using this spell.
  • Quadgat: use this in their rooms, and their favourite clothes will go wherever they will never look for them. Have them go crazy looking for that jacket that their girlfriend gave them, or that shirt that their friends gave us a gift!

Now that you know, go punish your siblings a little bit! Also, maybe look for a therapist that can help you resolve these issues. You might need help.

Be well!



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