The High Witch walked into Sand Street. She was looking for Mama, and there she found the woman, waiting, concentrated. The Italian woman had definitely noticed her, the High Witch knew, but she still made herself noticeable by giving a little cough when she arrived next to the woman.

“You know I’ve noticed you, no need to cough” Mama spat, bluntly, without looking at the Witch.

“Still keeping that grudge?” the High Witch asked.

“You know that I don’t want to talk about that” Mama answered. “Why are you here? Are you done with the Ritual?”

“Yes, the Ritual has been successful, thanks for asking. I just wanted to notify you” the High Witch answered ceremoniously.

“Then, once everything is settled with the Three, there is no more business between you and I, ever again” Mama waved her right hand, concentrating on the Registry of Lost and Found, and dispelling certain magic.

The High Witch looked at Mama Luca. She was clearly Mediterranean, her olive skin and green eyes possessing the beauty of a mature woman. That was how she had always looked, at least during her stay in Fiery Creek. The High Witch, on the other hand, had become much older herself, after all the time that had passed.

“I thought that you would have got over it all” the High Witch said. “I think I told you already…”

Mama Luca suddenly turned. “I don’t follow orders from a lowly Witch like yourself. I’m a proud Southern European. and I have already lost everything that I valued”. Her green eyes pierced through the High Witch, who flinched.

“You dare treat me like that?” the High Witch shouted.

“I do. I honestly do”.

The High Witch coughed again. This time it was not a fake cough, but a real one. She put her hand in her mouth, and was horrified to see blood in it.

“Is that the reason why you are protecting that child? You know she is only going to stir the mud in the bottom of the river!”

“We all need The Truth”.

“You cannot even use your whole power. You know… you know that this is going to end in a disaster. For you, and for everyone else involved”.

Mama stood up in front of the High Witch, power overflowing from her and pushing against the High Witch. “I am childless, and she is motherless. I thought it a good match. I think I can now use my proper name, Mamma”.

“You wouldn’t…!”

“I’m not sorry about any of this. There is nothing to be sorry about. Your function in this town is finished, which means it’s time for The Truth. You are the one who is going to end”.

The High Witch tried to cast a spell, but the words never came out. She got destroyed. Mamma Luca then looked at the end of the street, where two Witches waited.

“This all happened before you were even born. You can go”.

They bowed and left.


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