Ba’al walked West. He met the three women, and then kept walking West. He could just clap his hands and get to his final destination, but that was not what he had planned to do. He wanted to walk there, as he did every year, in a sort of pilmigrage that took him to where his heart was lying.

Only a select few knew about it. It was their actual burial place, their true resting place. That was what Mary and Diane had both asked him to do. They had not been buried in the Fiery Creek Cemetery. They were there. In that secret hiding place. He had made sure to keep the place beautiful. It was an oasis with a fountain and flowers, right there in the middle of the desert, hidden between rocks.

It did not take that much effort, really. He had been the God of Fertility in an ancient culture, the Lord of the Seasons, the Weather, the Rain, the Wind and Lightning. All of that before becoming an angel, and a fallen angel at that. But he had held onto the power to make flowers grow, much against Satan’s will. It had all been a secret, though.

Once in that small oasis, he tended to the flowers, made sure that they looked nice and were healthy. While he was doing that, Mama Luca arrived with a lemon from the Sacred Lemon Tree in her hands, which she gave to him. It was open, but all of the seeds were inside. Ba’al finished opening the fruit, and separated the seeds from the rest of the meat.

He placed the seeds in a small bowl, which he had filled with water from the fountain, and cleaned and hydrated them. He then placed each of the seeds in a point in the flower, in the same way in which Diane had taught him so long ago. The process was not easy, and he had to be precise in choosing the positions. Mama observed him as he placed them all.

When he had finished that, he took the meat and divided it into two equal parts. He then squished the juice out of each of the halves, and dropped the juice right over each of the tombs. It was just a few drops in each case, but it would be enough. It was always more than enough.

The magic took some time to take effect. Both Ba’al and Mama knew that, so they waited patiently. The spirits arose from the earth like mist. They both smiled, Mary and Diane.

“Ba’al, Mama…” Diane greeted.

“Old friends!” Mary exclaimed.

They wanted to talk with them, but Diane’s predictions had been completely right, as they always were.

“They need help, don’t they?” she asked.

Mama nodded.

“Let me do this. I’ll help the girl” Mary Clark said. “I can help her through my machete. I just need you guys to lend some power for a bit”.

They all agreed. Mama went back.


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