It was suposed to be Saturday. That, it was. The clock kept ticking, yet the day refused to leave. The town had been frozen into the 23rd of June.

“OK, so we know something is going on with the Summer Solstice. Mama Luca definitely knows something, and Ba’al is nowhere to be found. The Mayor and the Council are probably all dead, and Erin Pyp went into the Registry of Lost and Found to look for John Fier and Dom Wess with the new girl, Anne Black. Who else do we have?”

“There’s the Witch Akelarre. Their leader might know something”.

Liza spoke up. “I don’t want anizing to do viz ze vitchez. Juzt let ze problem be, it’ll zort itzelf out, like alwayz”.

“What other option do we have? We have to do something”.

“In that caze…”

She took her two daughters from the hand, while her husband took their son in arms, and they all walked out of the auditorium. The door closed silently behind them. Doris Waters kept talking from the podium, the only recognizable figure in town, as the rest had all disappeared, or would not say a thing about the problem.

“Is anyone else against visiting the Akelarre, to ask them some questions?”

Nobody said a thing, nobody moved. There was absolutely no response at all.

“I know where the witches are. My surveillance system caught their activity before it got dismantled by some powerful magic. I’ll lead a party to their lair. Please, those brave enough, follow me”.

She walked out of the auditorium, and looked back to see if anyone was willing to follow her. Nobody moved. She was alone. She had always been alone, in a certain way, even when her husband had been alive. Doris walked alone.

It was not far, really. The witches were in the southwest, in the Forbidden District, just opposite in a diameter to the Fiery Creek General Hospital. It was one of those special cases in which places of opposite power appeared to be linked to each other. She walked through the jungle, which had recently appeared in the area. She found them in a clearing, working on spells, and potions, and very obviously building something.

“I expected you to wear black robes” she greeted them as they looked at her, almost as if they had been expecting her.

“It’s the Summer Solstice. Today is a day of celebration. That’s why…” one of them responded.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to waste. I want to talk to the High Witch” Doris interrupted.

“You will have to wait. She is currently going through a ritual in Main Square”.

“Then I’ll go see her there”.

When she turned to leave, she felt paralyzed.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you interrupt the ritual” the witch explained. “All of the people of power know that the ritual cannot be interrupted. And the rest, we’re dealing with. I’m sorry, I hope you forgive for doing this”.

Doris lost conciousness.


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