They arrived early in the morning, right before sunrise. They all came from the East, and they walked West. They started in the same position, and each of them took a different route. Overall, all three of them covered all of the town, before anyone – even the undead – woke up.

One of them soon arrived to Sand street, where Mama Luca was still sitting in the middle of the road. She gently placed her right hand over the Italian mafia leader’s shoulder. Mama came out of the trance that she had been caught in, and looked at her in surprise.

“It’s the time already?”

The woman nodded. Mama Luca looked at the Registry of Lost and Found.

“She is still inside” Mama explained. “I’m doing my best to keep her alive. But I don’t think she is going to make it in time”.

“Lasai, utzi hori geure kontu”.

Mama understood. She turned her head to see the being go. When the being went around the corner and was not visible anymore, Mama Luca looked at Sand street. It all suddenly looked much calmer, much brighter. Without losing focus on the Registry of Lost and Found, she stood from the chair and went to the nearest patch of municipal garden. She kneeled. The grass had turned from the dry yellow that it usually had to an intense and lively green, and Mama could see the flowers growing at an abnormal speed. They were daisies, hundreds of them growing in that small patch.

The beings all entered Main Square from the East entrance, and they danced in the Citrus tree garden. The trees, which were normally the liveliest plants in town, grew even brighter, and their fruit grew ripe with juice. The Sacred Lemon Tree’s juice was even more acidic and full of nutrients, and the output increased to the point of spilling the juice out of its small channels. The liquid filtered into the earth, descending into rivers that covered the whole town.

The three of them then exited Main Square from the West exit and kept walking, each of them in their own path. When one of them walked through the Petunia District, an alarm sounded between the shambles of Doris Waters’ house. Doris also received a notification, in Rita’s inn, where she was staying while her house was rebuilt. She tried to access her Neighbourhood Watch equipment, but it had all somehow been dismantled through some strange magic.

When they finally covered all of town, they gathered to the west of Fiery Crek. The sun had just started to rise. The three started to sing. Ancient songs, which had been forgotten even by their own people. Songs of magic, songs about the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and humans. Songs that sealed the destiny of humanity with just one word, notes that could explain the whole human existence, with its joy, its lament, the fight between the light and darkness.

Once they were done, they just waited in silence.


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