Important Sites of Fiery Creek 7:

is a very important place of Fiery Creek. It is a sacred place, reserved for the worship of the highest, the divine. In , Gods and Godesses descend onto the human realm and appear to those mortals worthy of meeting a deity – which is basically anyone, really, so long as you take a shower before going there (many gods have a very sensitive sense of small), and bring a bottle of wine, or some flowers, or some chocolate. Just a detail, really.

Most people cannot pronounce or even see the name of . This is because it is written in Ancient Runes written by Future Alien Civilizations when they rediscover magic in 10378, and go back in time to destroy Fiery Creek and somehow correct the timelines. We know that they will fail, though. It’s just logic, really: someone travelling back in time to correct a timeline will simply just break the timeline even more. Their mission will never work by default.

has had its own historical relevance. The place was used several times to send back the Scandinavian Gods to Asgard. They somehow always “got lost” and ended up arriving at Fiery Creek, were they tried to stay for some time. Funnily enough, this only happened during Mayor Mary Clark’s lifetime – some said that Mary Clark’s battle prowess had made Odin fall in love with her, but she rejected him each and every time. Mary Clark has never confirmed this in the ouija board, and Odin has never made any comments when he has appeared in .

It is, as always, not very easy to get to . It’s now become a bit easier thanks to John Fier’s tunnels, but it would be quite a stretch to say that it’s easy. You basically need to go below the Sacred Lemon Tree in Main Square, and descend until your gut feeling tells you it’s more or less near . If your gut feeling is good, you will not take long to get there, and will be able to follow the right trail.

That is usually not the case for 98.75% of the population. That is the kind of moment when a goat sacrifice may come in handy. It will not get you to , but it may help you find your way around Somewhere. Somewhere is an underground town that is not very well located. A lot of people have been lost in the underground tunnels in the last few years, and an undeground community has been founded Somewhere in the depths of the tunnels.

So difficult as it may be to get to , at the very least you will get Somewhere.


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