History of Fiery Creek 7: Arrival of the Kitties

It was November 1847. Time had broken that month, so it’s not possible to know which day it was exactly. We don’t care, though. Nobody really cared, considering the events that transcended in November 1847. To this day, that month is remembered as the most horrific in the history of this town.

It appeared alone, in front of the Caliph’s Palace, in the Old Creek District. A giant white cat, dressed completely in pink, with a bow in its head, holding nothing in particular, just there. It was over 2 metres tall. Its fluffy appearance did not give anything away, and many citizens approached it, and even touched it. Ba’al was the only one that recognized the being. It was too late.

“Get away from it! Don’t approach it!” he screamed.

The blast threw him flying. All of the citizens in a radius of 20 metres had been pulverized. The Hello Kitt* creature stood in front of Ba’al, unscathed. It turned to look at him. The Prince of Hell concentrated his magic power and threw a blast of fire against the creature. When the smoke finally cleared, the creature had not budged.

Though it didn’t physically speak, it communicated with Ba’al. “Is that the best that a Prince of Hell can do?”

As it finished speaking to Ba’al, a bloody spear crossed the Kitty‘s chest. The Mayor then pushed the spear to the left with great force, throwing the Kitty against a building. She walked towards it. The creature spoke for the first time.

“You… you are just a human… you shouldn’t be immune… how?”

“Immune to what?”

“To adorableness” Ba’al explained.

“Oh. I usually wouldn’t be. But I don’t care whether you are fluffy or horrendous, if you destroy public property you will get acquainted with my wrath”.


“It’s one of her powers. She is a public-property berserker. If public property gets destroyed, she becomes immune to everything and her power increases dramatically” Ba’al expanded on Mary’s explanation.

“Is this some kind of Japanese manga or something? Because that sounds like a weird power to have” the Kitty sounded very weirded out.

“No, it’s a blog” Ba’al responded, dryly.

“Oh” the Kitty pondered the response it had received. “That’s also weird, though. This is not the kind of story I would expect to find in a blog format”.

“It’s all The Author’s plan” Mary said.

Ba’al and Kitty both covered their mouths in awe at her mentioning the name of the second most powerful creature in the known multiverse.

“What are you doing? You cannot say… you cannot say that! It will doom us all! He will stop writing and this multiverse will die!”

“Oh, will it? Then let’s risk it. Author, Author, Author, AUTHOR, AuThoR, aUtHor, Author, Author, AUThor, autHOR, AuthoR, AUTHOR!”

Ba’al covered his ears and dropped to the floor, his head spinning and hurting so bad that he thought that would be the end. The Kitty started to scream, and by the time Mary Clark was finished, its head had exploded into countless pieces, and gone into every direction. The Mayor helped Ba’al stand up.

“Are you OK?”

Ba’al’s ears were bleeding. “Never do that again, OK?”

“I won’t. But you need to update me on that creature”.

Ba’al sat over the stairs in the entrance to the Palace, and Mary treated his wounds with some healing magic.

“OK, so those creatures are known as Kitties. They are a warrior tribe… ouch! That hurts!”

“I’m just making sure you don’t get an infection”.

“I am the Prince of Hell, Mary, I don’t care about infections!”

“Well, we humans do. And according to some stuff from the future that I’ve read, this is good to avoid infections”.

“Ugh, do whatever you want, as you always do. Anyway, they are hunters. They are some of the most vicious creatures. They look for new species and fight against them, kill them and take their heads as trophies”.

“Didn’t look like that creature had much of a fight to me. Wait, this is going to sting a bit”.

“Aw! What was that?”

“I’ve fully cleaned your ear. Grime had been accumulating there for over a century. Ba’al, you need to improve your hygiene”.

“Ugh, whatever. But don’t think those Kitties are weaklings. Even Hell respects them. Today I wasn’t prepared for a fight. That Kitty could have killed me”.

“Sounds quite serious” Mary said, as she applied a spell to close the injury in his left ear.

“It is. This one was only a scout. The problem of killing it is that the rest of them will now know that they have a prey worth hunting on us. They will definitely come”.

“So we need to prepare some defenses, and we will probably need help from someone powerful enough”.

“That would be me!” a jolly voice said.

Mary and Ba’al both looked at the owner of the voice. It was an old man that was wearing intense blue and red clothes, and a plethora of artifacts and books.

“Do you remember me, Mary?” he asked.

You” she pronounced, intensely.

Ba’al looked at her. “Are you acquainted with this geezer?”

Mary held her breath for a few seconds. “I have no idea who he is”.



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