Registry of Lost and Found, 16/06/2016

This is a message from the Registry of Lost and Found. In the last month, the following objects have been left in our care:

  • An empty package of fries. It’s 2 metres long and 3 metres tall. Opened in one side.
  • The director of the Registry, lost and terrified, trying to hide in between the planes that keep changing every second.
  • An illegal Jane Austen book collection. Includes Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and other lessen known works like The Grimoire of all things demonic, first edition, pages made of skin. Species of the skin donor for this book: unidentified, doesn’t belong to this plane.
  • A set of barbecue tools, all new and shiny in their original cases, all rusty and used and in disorder, all of these things at the same time.They choose one state over the other when observed, but the properties are dual.
  • Sword of Justice that fell over Gomorra, has angelic powers.
  • A presence that lurks in the dark, following the director of the Registry office everywhere.
  • John Fier, owner of the bar, paralyzed in space and time as he tries to evade an attack.
  • A set of pink male underwear, brown from use.
  • The corpse of Deborah Peterson, possessed by the Machete of Doom, trying to kill John Fier.

These and other objects can be found at the Registry of Lost and Found. If you have lost any object, please, come visit us at the Old Creek district, next to the Caliph’s Palace.


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