History of Fiery Creek 6: The first ever Spring Fair

The Spring Fair was created, emulating other towns, to share and celebrate the produce that the season brought to town – which, in the middle of the desert, doesn’t happen to be much, really -, and also as one of the most important market days, in which people bought goods to withstand the heat of the summer.

It was first established in 1876, by future Fiery Creek citizen Trevor Johnson, who will be born in the town in 2049. He had gone back in time to do some maintenance of the internet cables, and saw that the celebrated Spring Fair had never been celebrated, so he started it himself, thus provoking disastrous alterations to the continuum of time and killing trillions, and giving a chance to live to trillions. This would explain why time is broken in town, but apparently it was worth it, as the Spring Fair will become a big event somewhere in the 2050s.

Thus, Trevor Johnson brought some stuff from the future, mostly drones, spaceships and cures to cancer and Alzheimer’s, and asked everyone in town to bring whatever they wanted to sell. Most of the citizens in town were fairly poor at the time, so they tried to invoke stuff to sell it to their neighbours.

Summonings, however, were not functioning properly at the time due to the Senaon Incident, which you all know about and still affects our children in the most horrendous ways (mostly having to learn about it in History class), and whatever these people tried to summon, they only got black mambas.

Having nothing else, they all took the venomous serpents, put them in crates and brought them to the fair. Seeing that they all had black mambas, the citizens all laughed. They all cried right after that, feeling as msierable as one could to see that the community had empoverished ever since the days of Mary Clark had finished. Many would like to say that it was a success, but that would be a lie. The first Spring Fair was an absolute disaster.

Only two things have been left from that Spring Fair: the feeling of helplesness and depression that still haunts the town – it usually appears near the Fier family bar on Tuesdays, around 9 PM -, and the tradition of taking black mambas to the market. Since then, every year without fail, the Spring Fair was and will be celebrated with black mambas. It is considered a town tradition that gives luck to have a crate of black mambas with you if you want to sell something in the Spring Fair.

One might wonder how such a miserable tradition may have persisted over the years, specially considering how dangerous black mambas are. Well, Trevor Johnson comes to town every year – though he always looks the same, so it might as well be the same day for him – and forces the town citizens to organize and attend the Spring Fair.

There have been several attempts to stop him from forcing us to celebrate such a stupid tradition – specially for the middle of the desert, where seasons don’t matter because everything is pretty much dead -, but they have all failed, mostly because Trevor Johnson comes from the future and possesses superior magic and technology. He has even subjected Town Council to force the happening of the event and to report that the event was a success. The Weekly Fiery Creek has tried to report otherwise, but the controlled Town Council’s censorship has not allowed any such news to trascend to the public.

From what Trevor himself has told us, this event will keep happening well after the 2070s, and he won’t even need to force anyone after the 2020s. We really hope that we do not get doing this of our own will, and are forced by some sort of force.



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