Important Sites of Fiery Creek 5: Fiery Creek General Hospital

Fiery Creek General Hospital is definitely not somewhere you want to go. It is a bad idea to go there, whatever your plans are, and, as a preventive measure, I won’t be telling you its location. It’s for your own safety, if you ever go and make it back you will understand. This is no children’s game.

The Hospital has been visited by few of the living citizens of town. This is mostly because citizens that walk into the hospital tend to die horrible deaths. The corpses of those who adventured into the Hospital are displayed in the grounds between the fences and the building itself, dressed up in the most undignified Hello Kitt* costumes.

One of the few people who has made it out of that infernal place is Doris “cannot keep my nose out of other people’s business” Waters. This would explain why she is mentally deranged and acts the way she does, which would be a very sad explanation that would make the old hag pitiable in the eyes of the public, but those of us who have been around for longer know that she was this way before she got into the Hospital. (In fact, an interesting theory as to why she survived the Hospital is that not even the monsters over there would want her to stay around, as she would be the one haunting them.)

The Fiery Creek General Hospital appeared suddenly in 1926, exactly at the same time in which H. P. Lovecraft got his ideas to write The Call of Cthulhu, and was haunted from the start. The first few patients that went there never came back, and the building got a reputation. When a week later those patients appeared impaled and wearing grotesque cat costumes, the citizens of Fiery Creek understood what it all was about. More than the impaling, which was common practice in town, the grotesque costumes were what convinced them.

Ever since then, there have been several expeditions into the building for several reasons, mostly archaeologists wielding whips trying to find the Lost Arc. All of them perished, even those adept at magic (including a level 80 Warlock). The few that survived gave very different accounts of what they had encountered inside, from corridors that kept changing to creatures stalking in the darkness, including an extremely dangerous catdog. They all, however, agreed that they met the greatest horrors that could ever exist in the Hospital.

In 1957, 31 years after the Hospital’s appearance, the Town Council finally decided to take action. A Guardian Spirit was invoked to safeguard the entrance to the Hospital. The Guardian, a Paladin of Light, appeared in a circle of white magic, 10 metres tall and wielding a sword as long as he was tall. He was given the order of guarding the entrance while the Hospital still existed. The Guardian stood silent, pondering what he should do.

He spoke in a potent bass voice. “Look, I don’t think I’m feet for this task. I usually guard people and things from going in to places, not from getting out of them”.

“Oh, no, we just want you to stop people from going in” the Mayor of the time, Ismail Hershey responded.

The Paladin looked at the Hospital again. “Yes, but I’m guessing you also wouldn’t want anything to come out from there, would you?”

“No, of course, but…”

“Then it’s settled”.

Almost before even finishing his sentence, he clapped his hands and disappeared. The Town Council tried to call him, but they always got to his answering machine. After that, it was all conveniently forgotten and nobody ever said a thing again.


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