History of Fiery Creek 5: The Rain

The 12th October 1847 it rained in Fiery Creek, from 8:47 AM to 15:36 PM. This may not seem like a relevant event whatsoever, but this was the first time in a thousand years in which the atmospheric conditions had been right for rain to pour on Fiery Creek – we know because of the extensive weather monitorization that the faeries had done -. These conditions have only repeated twice ever since.

From what we’ve learnt, the faeries believed that the rain foreshadows important events in the area. Nobody believed these things – Mary Clark had arrived and destroyed the Faerie Caliphate, Gods and devils had gone through town and it hadn’t rained once -, only Diane Vines, 10 at the time, had perceived the alterations, and had gone into a state of trance.

People in town got inside their houses and waited. The rain had turned the ground to mud, and, with nowhere else to go, it was flooding the lower parts of town. Citizens of Fiery Creek, bored at home, as the rain was too heavy to risk going outside, started to write letters of complaint addressed to Town Council for not having a proper sewage system – Mary Clark would kindly respond to them that it was completely absurd to build such a structure for a town in the middle of the desert where it rained once every thousand years, and that they could shove their letters up wherever they would fit.

Meanwhile, Diane was in front of a cup of tea and a biscuit that her mother had prepared, in a failed attempt to get her to react. She had been in that state for several hours, as if she was listening to the rain, which, in a certain way, she was. Diane’s mother tried several methods to get her to respond: first it was the fragrant cup of tea and the delicious biscuit, then she summoned a banshee that screamed until its voice broke – quite a feat, considering how half of the neighbourhood got destroyed -, she moved her around, tossed her into the rain and, when she got desperate, she even forced a whole jug of lemon juice from the Sacred Tree down Diane’s throat. Nothing.

Diane was completely unresponsive. Crying, her mother went to the only one she thought could help her. Ba’al was not pleased to have to go out in the heavy rain.

“You want me to what?”

“Diane! She won’t move, or say anything. She is not conscious, and she is barely breathing. I cannot get her to respond, I… I… I think she’s been possessed”.

“What? That’s absurd, ma’am. Children these days are lazy as shit. Your daughter is ten already, 500 years ago she would have been married already”.


Ba’al let a fiery breath out his nose. “Ok. But we better be quick”.

By the time they got to the house they were both covered in mud from head to toe, as they had slipped and fallen into it several times. It was 15:29 as Diane’s mother opened the door, but as they were muddy it took them a bit to clean themselves and get inside. The rain stopped at 15:36, which surprised them, as the clouds completely disappeared in an instant.

“Mom! What happened? Why is Ba’al with you? Why are you both covered in mud? Let me help you with those dirty clothes” Diane greeted them.

Ba’al looked at them and his expression said it everything. “Really?” it said. “Are you serious? You brought me here for nothing!”

“I swear she was in a deep trance and I couldn’t wake her up”.

Ba’al sighed. There was no fire coming out of his nose this time. He looked at Diane and asked. “Diane, did you have a weird dream today?”

The girl thought about the question for a while. “I did have a dream, though it was not weird. It was special, but not weird”.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, in my dream I have seen Everything. And I don’t think that Everything is weird, is it?”

“What do you mean by everything?”

“Well, it was just as I’m saying, really, Everything” the girl looked bored. “Can I leave now? There’s some stuff I need to write down”.

“Yes, sure” Ba’al answered.

“So?” the mother looked worried.

“I thought you would be used to this. Your daughter can see the future and has visions of everything. I think it’s quite clear”.

“My daughter can what?”

“What the…? Do you never listen to your daughter’s prophecies? She is always right! She has great power!”

“I don’t think I get it”.

Ba’al spent several hours trying to explain it to her, with no apparent results. Some say that was the point in which he started to drink heavily, to forget about that frustrating afternoon.


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