“Well, I think you are going to have to leave that search of yours for another time, Anne” Erin told you, as she grabbed you and took you down the tunnels.


“Didn’t you notice that the hydra had left today?”

You thought about it. “Now that you say so…”

“Exactly. There is an Eldritch abomination in town. We are using the tunnels from now on” she said, guiding Anne through the underground system.

You looked around, seeing the construction, with all of the doors, corridors and stairs. You imagined the whole network, almost imagining the actual dimensions of the place.

“Erin… where are we going?”

“We are going to meet the others. The ones who are still fighting against the abomination”.

You walked for a while and reached a meeting area, where you saw them all. Liza Kulmala with her children, Mama Luca and what was left of her mafia, the Spanish and the French, Ba’al, and a few more. Erin went to Liza first.

“Any news from Mik?” Erin asked her.

“No, nozing” she answered. “But it iz OK, Erin. He iz from the Norz. He will zurvive zomehow”.

One of Liza’s children looked at her. “Ma, do you think pa got eaten by the giant jellyfish?”

“No, don’t worry. I’m zure pa iz OK”.

Erin then went to Mama Luca. “Got the last one. The library was almost empty. Is John back?”

The Italian lady had a sad look to her face. “Ah, cara, I wish I could say otherwise… But he hasn’t come back from the Registry of Lost and Found”.

“What? But… was there anybody there?”

“Dom Wess”.

“OK, he may still be in his way. Let’s continue planning”. Erin tried to concentrate. “So, this thing… it is immune to bullets and bombs”.

“It’s immune to everything we’ve thrown at it, Erin. Everything“.

“And what are we going to do? Let it wander through our city, destroying everyhting as the currents move it around?”

You suddenly realized what they meant. “Oh, that giant jellyfish thingy? I thought that was normal around here”. They all looked at you. “If it’s such a big deal, why not return it to the sea?”

“It’s not that easy! What do you know about the sea, anyway? You were not born next to the sea. None of us here was born next to the sea. We cannot just take an Eldritch abomination thousands of kilometres into the sea!”

“Actually… I was born next to the sea”. Everyone looked at Mama Luca. “If that is the solution, I think I could bring some of that Mediterranean that I got to know when I lived in Napoli”.

“Are you sure?”

“Nothing wrong with trying. But evacuate the tunnels, because they are going to get filled with water”.

You all run out of the tunnels. Then Mama went to her home’s rooftop, near the Eldritch abomination, and started to sing. She sang the operas that she had learnt as a young woman, calling her Italian blood and passion into it. The fire that surrounded the town started to dissipate, as a mass of water moved to town from every direction, gently. As she sang an aria, the water filled the town and started to take the Eldritch abomination away, making it disappear into the horizon. When Mama’s singing finished, the citizens that had transformed into food came back to normal.

Everyone called and searched for their loved ones. You stayed with Mama, as you had nowhere to go. As the citizens started to celebrate and cheer for the leader of the Italian mafia, Erin came back to you, running.

“John…” she said, panting. “John is nowhere to be found”.



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