Mamma felt herself getting called into the circle. The three of them were already together, and in the higher levels of the Registry of Lost and Found. They were still twisted, and far from what the building had originally been, but it was much easier for them to manage up there than in the depths, near that damn toaster. Deborah Peterson was still following them, but they could manage.

She appeared in the circle, among the Three. They looked neutral, as they always did.

“Mamma… your power is back” the first one stated.

“And you have destroyed the High Witch” the second one added.

“Her function had already been finished” Mamma answered.

“That is true” the third one added.

“Yet we need to question you on your motives” the first one continued.

“It is necessary, today needs to be a success” the second one added.

“I do understand that. But I have no intention of ruining today. You know I cannot lie to you”.

“That is true” the third one stated.

“But there is a risk that conflicting interests may lead you to it, even though it may not be your intention” the first one objected.

“And that we cannot tolerate” the second one said.

“You need not worry. I am done for today. My only job now is to bring her here safely” Mamma said.

“That is true” the third one stated.

“We believe you” the first one said.

“But we still want to know why” the second one completed.

“It was an old grudge. A matter between humans” Mamma explained.

“That is true” the thirs one stated.

“Could you define it as a community problem, then?” the first one asked.

“Is it part of the harm inflicted by you humans to each other as part of that coexistence?” the second one inquired.

“It is” Mamma was short this time.

The third one remained mute.

“What does this mean, Mamma Luca?” the first one asked.

“What are you hiding from us?” the second one insisted.

Mamma sighed. “It is a human matter. And I believe only humans should know about this matter. Only a select few among them”.

“That is true” the third one stated.

“What is it?” the first one continued.

“You need to tell us!” the second one pressed on.

“I need not tell you, and I won’t. I will bring Erin with me, and your work here will be finished”.

“That is true” the third one stated.

Before they could start talking again, Mamma interrupted them. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to make sure that Erin lives to the end of this day, so I’ll take my leave”.

She snapped her fingers and went back to Sand Street. She felt back inside. What a disaster. She had just been outside for a while, she had just stopped focusing for a few minutes, and disaster had happened. It could be worse, but it was going to be a pain.

She waited for her opportunity.


Denna’s Charm of the week


You might not know me, but I’m Denna, Lynda’s younger sister. I am very talented at charms and incantations, while my sister is good at potions. She, however, is much more popular than I am, and so she has a section in this Journal. This week she is sick, so they want me to do some filler for her – though they didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic about it.

It’s very hard to be on your sister’s shadow (even more so when she is the younger one). I am very talented in my own field myself, it’s just that, because I don’t put on any make up and dress like some harlot-witch costume bought for Halloween, I don’t get much credit. It’s even worse because my sister is a complete bitch about it.

Seeing this, I though that some others of you might have brothers or sisters that are annoying to you, so these are some charms – or more like, hexes – that can help you give them a bit of a hard time:

  • Sarannat: this one turns your brother’s or sister’s significant other into a toad. They will have to kiss it to turn them back to normal! You just need to cast the spell, and the first person you touch will be turned into a toad.
  • Waverio: this one is specially useful for those sisters who like to straighten their hair (like my own sister). Whenever they need to straighten their hair, use this hex on them, and they will not be able to uncurl their hair. The effect wears off after an hour of using this spell.
  • Quadgat: use this in their rooms, and their favourite clothes will go wherever they will never look for them. Have them go crazy looking for that jacket that their girlfriend gave them, or that shirt that their friends gave us a gift!

Now that you know, go punish your siblings a little bit! Also, maybe look for a therapist that can help you resolve these issues. You might need help.

Be well!



The High Witch walked into Sand Street. She was looking for Mama, and there she found the woman, waiting, concentrated. The Italian woman had definitely noticed her, the High Witch knew, but she still made herself noticeable by giving a little cough when she arrived next to the woman.

“You know I’ve noticed you, no need to cough” Mama spat, bluntly, without looking at the Witch.

“Still keeping that grudge?” the High Witch asked.

“You know that I don’t want to talk about that” Mama answered. “Why are you here? Are you done with the Ritual?”

“Yes, the Ritual has been successful, thanks for asking. I just wanted to notify you” the High Witch answered ceremoniously.

“Then, once everything is settled with the Three, there is no more business between you and I, ever again” Mama waved her right hand, concentrating on the Registry of Lost and Found, and dispelling certain magic.

The High Witch looked at Mama Luca. She was clearly Mediterranean, her olive skin and green eyes possessing the beauty of a mature woman. That was how she had always looked, at least during her stay in Fiery Creek. The High Witch, on the other hand, had become much older herself, after all the time that had passed.

“I thought that you would have got over it all” the High Witch said. “I think I told you already…”

Mama Luca suddenly turned. “I don’t follow orders from a lowly Witch like yourself. I’m a proud Southern European. and I have already lost everything that I valued”. Her green eyes pierced through the High Witch, who flinched.

“You dare treat me like that?” the High Witch shouted.

“I do. I honestly do”.

The High Witch coughed again. This time it was not a fake cough, but a real one. She put her hand in her mouth, and was horrified to see blood in it.

“Is that the reason why you are protecting that child? You know she is only going to stir the mud in the bottom of the river!”

“We all need The Truth”.

“You cannot even use your whole power. You know… you know that this is going to end in a disaster. For you, and for everyone else involved”.

Mama stood up in front of the High Witch, power overflowing from her and pushing against the High Witch. “I am childless, and she is motherless. I thought it a good match. I think I can now use my proper name, Mamma”.

“You wouldn’t…!”

“I’m not sorry about any of this. There is nothing to be sorry about. Your function in this town is finished, which means it’s time for The Truth. You are the one who is going to end”.

The High Witch tried to cast a spell, but the words never came out. She got destroyed. Mamma Luca then looked at the end of the street, where two Witches waited.

“This all happened before you were even born. You can go”.

They bowed and left.

Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 29/06/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 23rd June (29th June if the calendar worked normally) 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. Surprised as we are, a small part of Town Council has someehow managed to survive the hunt by Mayor Laura Garcia. There are only five of them left, and they are trapped in the Astral Plane of Suck. The Mayor is also alive, but has been left behind in Barbados just for safety, as she might go on an uncontrollable killing spree. Currently, shiba inu William Sato is leading the survivors of Town Council through the Astral Plane of Suck, in an attempt to get back to town. They won’t have to get the Mayor out of an Indian buffet, so they think they might be successful and be back pretty soon. They thank everyone for their concern and hope that everyone was OK during their absence.


Ba’al walked West. He met the three women, and then kept walking West. He could just clap his hands and get to his final destination, but that was not what he had planned to do. He wanted to walk there, as he did every year, in a sort of pilmigrage that took him to where his heart was lying.

Only a select few knew about it. It was their actual burial place, their true resting place. That was what Mary and Diane had both asked him to do. They had not been buried in the Fiery Creek Cemetery. They were there. In that secret hiding place. He had made sure to keep the place beautiful. It was an oasis with a fountain and flowers, right there in the middle of the desert, hidden between rocks.

It did not take that much effort, really. He had been the God of Fertility in an ancient culture, the Lord of the Seasons, the Weather, the Rain, the Wind and Lightning. All of that before becoming an angel, and a fallen angel at that. But he had held onto the power to make flowers grow, much against Satan’s will. It had all been a secret, though.

Once in that small oasis, he tended to the flowers, made sure that they looked nice and were healthy. While he was doing that, Mama Luca arrived with a lemon from the Sacred Lemon Tree in her hands, which she gave to him. It was open, but all of the seeds were inside. Ba’al finished opening the fruit, and separated the seeds from the rest of the meat.

He placed the seeds in a small bowl, which he had filled with water from the fountain, and cleaned and hydrated them. He then placed each of the seeds in a point in the flower, in the same way in which Diane had taught him so long ago. The process was not easy, and he had to be precise in choosing the positions. Mama observed him as he placed them all.

When he had finished that, he took the meat and divided it into two equal parts. He then squished the juice out of each of the halves, and dropped the juice right over each of the tombs. It was just a few drops in each case, but it would be enough. It was always more than enough.

The magic took some time to take effect. Both Ba’al and Mama knew that, so they waited patiently. The spirits arose from the earth like mist. They both smiled, Mary and Diane.

“Ba’al, Mama…” Diane greeted.

“Old friends!” Mary exclaimed.

They wanted to talk with them, but Diane’s predictions had been completely right, as they always were.

“They need help, don’t they?” she asked.

Mama nodded.

“Let me do this. I’ll help the girl” Mary Clark said. “I can help her through my machete. I just need you guys to lend some power for a bit”.

They all agreed. Mama went back.

Important Sites of Fiery Creek 8: Into the Library

A lof of our readers have requested for a guide to the inside of the library. They really liked the guide to get in and get the library card, but wish there was some kind of roadmap to the entrails of the library. Today is a non prime day – it technically isn’t, but the library’s internal calendar does not seem to have been affected like the rest of town, and it seems to be working quite normally -, and considering that you sorry asses have absolutely no talent for poetry, you can use the sonnet that you already have about death.

So, let’s not waste any time – I’m in a hurry! You don’t get a Summer Solstice that spans for over a week every day! -, you go over the process that has already been explained in Important Sites of Fiery Creek 2. Once you are in the library – again, having gone over the realization that the self is just a construct that gets destroyed -, you will be facing the door to the library, while Erin Pyp looks at you from the library desk and the hydra tries to appear uninterested – but we all know that it’s fifth head, Sally, cannot resist giving a peek, curious as she is.

You will look into the door, and the door will look back into you. Yes, the door will see what’s in your mind, the door will look into your soul, the door will see everything that you have been, that you are and that you could possibly ever be, and then open itself to you. It really does not matter what the door sees into you, the only thing that it cares about is that you have the library tattoo. The rest is just for gossip with the door community.

This process takes about 5 minutes per person, 5 long minutes in which you have to wait until the door is done. As everything in this town, it is highly impractical, and in days with large amounts of visitors to the library you get long queues that take forever to clear. The record that anyone has ever waited to get into the library because of a queue is 7 months, 2 days and 8 hours.

Once the door opens, you will walk into the library. You will appear randomly into one of 9 entrance points. Some of them are more dangerous than others, in the following order:

  1. If you appear in the door that takes you to a terrace over the library building, you are safe. Avoid the Library Terrace Café and you will be fine.
  2. If you appear in the door that takes you to a staircase, do not touch any of the prime stairs (don’t worry, they are numbered), or you will trigger deadly traps.
  3. If you appear in the door that takes you directly to Study Room 4, make sure you are completely silent. Those who dwell in Study Room 4 will give you stares that will torture your soul if you dare to make any kind of noise.
  4. If you appear in the door that takes you to Biographies, you will be haunted by the ghosts of those whose lives have been trapped into the books of the Biographies section.
  5. If you appear in the door that takes you to the basement, you will have to choose between two corridors, one full of Nazi officers and another one full of Japanese officers from WWII. My recommendation is that, unless you are extremely well prepared for a fight or really need to get to the Botany section, you pick the Nazis. They are much easier to deal with.
  6. If you appear in the door that takes you to the Botany section, good luck fighting those Japanese officers to get out of there.
  7. If you appear in the door that takes you to Study Room 5, run back and try again. Your sole presence will trigger the bloodlust of the people who use Study Room 5, and you will wish they would kill you quicker.
  8. If you appear in the door that takes you to a floating platform in the sky, you are probably going to get killed by some aliens whose hair colour changes every time they power up and who claim to be able to destroy worlds.
  9. Finally, if you appear in the door that takes you to the core of the library, the sheer energy of the core will destroy your very being. The probability that you get to this door is so low, that it has never actually happened, but we need to include it as a warning – the government forces us to, like they do with pharmaceutical companies when they say that you might die or suffer from extreme disfiguration from taking a paracetamol. Check the prospectus, it’s there.

If you somehow manage to survive your way into the library (yay, well done!), then you will have access to the library. Now that we have reached this point, it is probably more adequate that I call it the Library City, because that is what it actually is. It is easier to see it than to describe it.

This would seem overwhelming, specially for a first timer, but don’t worry, Erin Pyp will always help you if she feels that you need some guidance – I mean, you think that you are capable of faring well by yourself, but let’s be honest… -. Those of you who know a bit more about the Librarian might know that she is nowhere near the most powerful being, and might not feel safe following her when facing dragons, Nazis and deities who live in the Library City.

There is, however, a special rule in the Library City that destroys every rule for the Librarian. Ms Pyp has literally unlimited power while she is in the Library City, making her the most powerful being while in that realm. Yes, the most logical question following this piece of information is: then why not change everything and make it safe for everyone? Well, that is for the Librarian only to answer, but if I were to guess…

I’d say it is to keep the spirit of adventure in the Library City.

History of Fiery Creek 8: Diane

The man in the red and blue clothes spoke to them softly.

“May I introduce myself, my name is Merlin”.

Ba’al was surprised. “Merlin? As in, the Merlin?”

“Ever since I registered the name as a trademark, there can only be one. So if you find someone calling themselves Merlin, he’s an imposter, and you need to contact me as soon as possible so that I can take legal action. Look, these are the papers that prove what I’m saying” he handed in a series of documents that Ba’al started to read.

“It seems that you’re right, Merlin”.

“Of course I am”.

Mary Clark was always very direct. “So you say we know each other?”

“Oh, no, not in person, but I wondered if you might have received any of the leeters that I have sent you”.

“I think I remember now…” Mary realized.

“So you must know everything by now”.

Mary did not seem very comfortable. “You see, a lot of stuff has happened. I was going to read them, but… they kind of got destroyed when Odin came around with that musclehead swinging his hammer and invoking lightning everywhere”.

Merlin was perplexed. “Wait, so you mean to tell me that you don’t know a thing?”

“Pretty much…”

“Please, God, help me” Merlin prayed.

Ba’al intervened, having finished reading the documents – advantages of being a Prince of Hell: super-reading speed! -, curiously looking at the duo. “Can you explain what this all is about?”

Merlin rolled his eyes. “As I had already explained in those letters…”

“That got destroyed by Thor” Mary cleared.

“I am here because this town has at least two high level magicians that are going to shape the destiny of humanity”.

“There are a lot of people in town who can use magic. Most of us, really. But Mary and I are the most powerful” Ba’al explained.

Merlin shook his head. “You don’t qualify as a magician, Prince”. Ba’al was taken aback by the mention of his title. “Mary is definitely a possibility. But I’m sure that Diane Vines is one of them”.

“Diane? She’s just a child!”

“Indeed, but a powerful one. I would like to examine her in private…”

“Oh, no. Old man with young girl, alone. That’s not something that we can allow”.

“But it’s necessary that I see her” Merlin complained.

“I’ve been to the future, Merlin. Believe me. It’s not something that you want”.

He finally resigned. “OK. But I only want you in there, Mary”.

They all walked through town, towards Diane’s house. Apparently, she was not at home, and had gone to the south of town, to an empty area that nobody used. When they got there, they saw her crouching, looking at the floor with a lot of attention. Ba’al was the one who knew her best, so he approached her.

“Hey, hello there, Diane. How’re you doing?”

“Hello Ba’al. I was waiting for you guys. The old man is Merlin, right?”

Ba’al laughed. “I always forget, your powers are incredible. Yes, he’s Merlin. He wants to talk to you”.

“OK. But you all be careful. The Sacred Tree is growing here, as well as the rest of the orchard, and it’s very important that you don’t touch any of the plants”.

Ba’al now paid attention to the ground. A lot of points had been marked in quite a large area. In fact, even though he could not see the whole thing, he could picture it in his mind, and he was amazed at the complexity.

“Diane, did you…?”

“Do this alone? No, I didn’t. They gave me the instructions”.


“Them. All of three of them”.

Ba’al understood. The girl walked, almost carefree, towards Mary Clark and Merlin. Ba’al walked off, knowing that he was not welcome in that interview. Merlin addressed the girl directly.

“Diane, I know you have great powers. I have travelled here to see the extent of those…”

“Yes, I know, I know. You want to see my power. I’ll show you”.

Merlin commented with Mary. “It gets a bit annoying after a while”.

“Only to men. You guys don’t like anyone outsmarting you” Mary answered.

Diane interrupted them. “There is a Kitty invasion going on. Before, two of them came, one to the centre of town and another here. They have sensed the power of this place. So, I’ve had to kill it, before it destroyed the orchard”. She was pulling something big into scene. “This is its corpse”.

The Kitty looked like a ragged piece of meat, dangling from several bones. The skin was nonexistent, armour and weapons had been destroyed, and the face looked like it had been munched on by a thousand starving hyenas. Mary Clark was proud of the girl, and nodded, as saying, “good girl”. Merlin was horrified.

“What… what happened to the Kitty‘s face?” he asked.

“That wasn’t me, it was San”.


“My pet coyote. I’ll call it. San!” she called.

After that, she whistled with all of her strength. Everything was silent for a bit, and then the sound of a giant approaching happened. The coyote was much larger than any animal of that kind. It was as large as a horse, and all of the present could have ridden it without problems.

“Hey, San, greet Mary and Merlin”.

The coyote licked their faces. It also let Mary stroke it, but was suspicious of Merlin.

“This is incredible, Diane. You need to take one of my tests. I’m sure you are extremely powerful”.

“Well, maybe not now. More Kitties are coming, and Ba’al is the only one in town. We better get there”.

As they got onto the coyote to run for the town, five trails went down into town like missiles. The war against the Kitties had just started.