Middle of the Desert Discs, 25/05/2016

In our endeavour to get to know our neighbours better, every month we ask a prominent citizen of the town to tell us what book they would take with them to the Middle of the Desert, apart from the complete works of Tolkien and Cervantes. This week we have asked Ba’al, Prince of Hell:

“I think I would take the Book of Revelation with me. It is a classic, me being a Prince of Hell and whatnot, but I enjoy the imagery presented by John. It reminds me of the good ol’ times, when Satan and I were buddies. Yes, the same Satan that is currently stomping the Black Warlock Overlord in the elections. We fell out during the XVI century – the Spanish Inquisition was involved – and I came to the Earth. But when Mary Clark destroyed Hell, Satan had nowhere else to go, so he stayed here and we have contacted each other again. It’s not the same as it used to be, though… So, yes, the Book of Revelation, definitely. For the good ol’ times”.


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