Weekly Fiery Creek, 22/05/2016

Citizens displaced to new neighbourhoods after new cat and dog agreement.

The grace period to change neighbourhoods ended yesterday for pet owners. The last couple of weeks have been very stressful for citizens who had to purchase new houses, sell their current ones, and move to their new neighbourhood. Cat and dog authorities prepared the agreement so that the minimum amount of people had to move, studying the cat and dog census per neighbourhood. This still meant that 346 families had to move houses.

“It’s been a very stressful period” declared Sara Jenkins. “Selling the house was not difficult, but finding one in city centre was. My partner and I have two cats and a dog, which meant that we needed to move to city centre. We were lucky to find a house that suited our needs at the very last moment, we finalized the deal on Friday and moved on Saturday morning”.

Others were not as lucky as Sara Jenkins. Rita, the owner of the inn, told us about her experience. “I have a tabby cat, Miss, that has recently had a litter of kittens. They all look gorgeous. But my inn is in a cat free zone, next to the limit. There is no way that I could sell the inn and get a new one somewhere else. I need a solution for this”.

The news is expanded on in the following section.

City surrounded by fire, communications cut.

The prediction made by city council agents have turned true, and Fiery Creek has found itself surrounded by green fire this week. The sand, gravel and rocks that form the desert have been set on fire for kilometres around us. It is now impossible to exit or enter the town.

Several citizens have tried to escape the town through several means, including a hot air balloon and a helicopter. All of these methods have failed miserably, and the wounded are currently being tended to in hospital. Many citizens have expressed their concern about the hazards of being surrounded by fire, and some of them have issued complaints to Town Council.

Town Council, has issued a statement explaining that they have nothing to do with the fire, and that they are working on resolving this problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, they ask the citizens of Fiery Creek to relax, because the situation is stable, and to enjoy the fire. “Maybe take the family for a camp-fire, or a barbecue”, they have suggested.

Town Council member William Sato to retire in the coming year.

Town Council member William Sato has announced this week that he plans to retire sometime in the coming year. The news has shocked the community, who were delighted at the service that the Council member has done for the community in the last few years.

William Sato, a shiba inu aged 8, has been working as Council member for the last six years, and he says that “It’s time for him to retire and let the younger generations take over”. Right now he needs a few months to finish some work and arrange everything for the coming Council member that will replace him.

Among the work that this Council member has done for the town are the improvements of Fiery Creek General Hospital and the construction of the first ever park in Fiery Creek.


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