Your first few days at Fiery Creek were definitely confusing. You had come to a strange town where everyone knew something was going on as you arrived, and everyone looked at you in a weird way. I would not take this very seriously, though. About 1% of the town’s population has a condition that makes their eyes do weird stuff. It’s specially bad for Rita, the owner of the inn.

You were not like the rest. You entered our lives silently, and settled among us without making much noise. Sure, you would ask for directions, and talk to providers of goods and services, but mostly you were silent. You somehow managed to access the library in your first try, which is a feat that nobody has achieved for the first time (I mean, look at all of the skeletons piled in the stairway, their flesh pulverized by the ray of death).

You were an oddity. We knew from the beginning. You brought us the rain.

That was the reason why, breaking all of the protocols and town council rules, in the safety of the library, Ms Erin Pyp talked to you.

“You are new around here”.

“Yes, I am”.

“I am the librarian, my name is Erin Pyp. Most people call me Ms Pyp, but you can call me Erin”.

“Hello, Erin, I’m Anne Black”.

You shook her hand, and she felt the warmth like nothing she had ever felt.

“Where do you come from?” she asked you.

“I come from a small town in Arizona. Well, actually, I’ve lived there my whole life. But I wasn’t born there…”

Erin remained silent. You looked at her, wary, and continued.

“Truth is, I don’t know where I come from. I’m looking for clues”.

“So you are trying to find yourself, then?”

“Yes and no. I’m looking for someone”.

“Maybe you should check the Registry of Lost and Found, then. There is also Ba’al. You should look for him, he has lived the longest around here. He knows all of history. He might be able to help you”.

“Thanks for the advice” you responded. “But I think I will start my search here, in the library”.

“Of course, of course” Erin rushed to respond. “I’ll be more than happy to have you around. You can ask me for help with anything that you may need”.

You looked around, and saw the giant hydra, still like a rock in front of the toilet doors.

“There are so many things that I’d like to ask… Like, what is that statue?”

Erin looked at the hydra. “Oh, no, honey, that is no statue. That is a hydra”.


You were quite lucky to have had this conversation with Erin. Most of the people in town have never been in the outside world, or read much about it. Sure, they look at the news and think that they are knowledgeable about all of these countries in the middle of nowhere that nobody cares about, but the truth is that they are as ignorant about the outside the world as the outside world is ignorant about our small town. On the other hand, Ms Pyp has travelled far and wide and read each and every single one of the four million books that the library contains. She also happens to be a sensitive person, so… (hey, don’t criticize me for trying to regain her heart!).

“Oh, right, I sometimes forget. Most of the stuff in this town does not work in what you guys consider a normal way. Most of the time, not even we know what is going on”.

“So the fire surrounding the town…?”

Erin raised shoulders. “It’s OK to be confused. You will need time”.

You sighed. “I guess so…”

Erin looked at you and smiled. “Hey, it’s alright. Take it easy, and if you need anything, get to me. I’m in the library most of the time, anyway”.

“Thank you”.

“Anyway, we need to process your library card before you can enter, OK?”


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