Registry of Lost and Found, 19/05/2016

This is a message from the Registry of Lost and Found. In the last month, the following objects have been left in our care:

  • A pink cardigan, with demonic inscriptions all around it.
  • What looks like the horn of a unicorn. It’s long, brilliant and has strong magical properties.
  • A father, about 48 years of age, graying hair on the sides, receding hairline in the forehead. He has brown eyes and wears glasses. Responds to the name Mike, and says that he works as a quality assurance engineer.
  • A toaster.
  • A convertible umbrella. It can turn into a fully loaded machine gun with a grenade launcher add-on. Black colour, discrete looking.
  • An almost complete set of magical tools for beginners. Has an inscription from Fiery Creek Elementary.

These and other objects can be found at the Registry of Lost and Found. If you have lost any object, please, come visit us at the Old Creek district, next to the Caliph’s Palace.


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