History of Fiery Creek 2: The New Settlers

Ba’al, prince of Hell, arrived in town with a small group of 26 settlers. He had had some disagreements with Satan, and Ba’al felt that the Lord of the Fallen Angels was no chill and not fun to live with, so he left Hell as soon as he had the opportunity. Satan, of course, was not happy with this, and he sent his forces to bring him back to Hell. Ba’al had to escape to a remote location, so he travelled the desert until he reached the location of Fiery Creek. 26 people followed him.

They arrived right at the climax of Mary Clark’s war against the Faerie Caliphate, when she set fire to their capital – located where the Old Creek district is now – and killed the remaining faeries. What they saw, however, was a vast region of the desert burning hotter than Hell itself, for a fortnight. The flames compelled Ba’al and the rest of his troupe to stay there. Some theorize that this might be the reason why the brain of Fiery Creek citizens paralyzes us at the sight of fire.

They were three families. There were seven Fier, the parents and 5 young and strong sons. Among them, the second son, John Fier – not the pub owner, but his grandfather – was the strongest and the most handsome, the one who turned everyone’s heads. On the other hand, there were nine Darren, composed by a grandmother, the parents and 6 daughters. Finally, the Enan were eight, three grandparents, the parents and a daughter and a son.

This does not add up to 26, I know. But young Jessica Darren was pregnant with twins and, due to the open nature of the community that had travelled though the desert, there were three possible fathers for the children: John Fier, Ba’al, prince of Hell, and Daniel Enan. There was much debate of who would be responsible of these children, but instead of solving it like they do in the Mamm* m*a musical, they solved the problem scientifically. After the children were born, they performed genetic tests that they summoned from the future and determined that Daniel Enan was the father of the creatures. Ba’al breathed in relief – parenthood and responsibility were not his thing, and even less so with half human-half demonic babies.

When the fire ceased, they all walked into town, and found Mary Clark outside the Caliph’s Palace, covered in faerie blood, holding a machete in her left hand. Ba’al kissed her feet at such show of power and swore allegiance at that same instant. The town was founded.

Mary Clark was then elected the first ever Mayor of Fiery Creek, position that she held for the next 24 years. In that period of time, she welcomed new settlers, made sure to build infrastructure for the town – including the fastest ever broadband cables that will be invented in 2098 –, stopped the Rapture and repelled the infernal troops, beating them in several battles. One of the last things that she did was to destroy Hell, thus liberating all of us from damnation.


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