History of Fiery Creek 1: Foundation of the town

There are many tales that account for the foundation of our small town. But among them all, there are seven stories that are repeated the most. None of them match, but all of them are true, as this town has been founded 7 times. Each new foundation involved the complete annihilation of the previous one by some means of failed crops, lack of water reservoirs and/or fires. The dead of the first six Fiery Creek foundations still haunt us to this day (they also provide quite a good client base for John Fier’s bar).

Our community descends from the seventh foundation. This foundation was done by Mary Clark, the wife of a gold hunter from the Midwest, who decided she was not taking any more of her husband’s bullshit and she wasn’t going anywhere. She stopped her van right in the centre of town and did not move from that spot ever again. To this day, the van can be visited, and it is in fact a major tourist attraction of the town, but Mary doesn’t take well that people try to get into her van without her permission – quite rightfully –, so you should get her permission first. This is the reason why the town council installed a ouija board right next to it.

As to the name of the town, some have theorized that Fiery actually comes from Faerie, as Mary Clark wrote in her diaries that the faeries sometimes visited her. This has been interpreted as her delirium in the heat of the desert where she did not have anything to drink, however, this theory is utterly wrong. It is a well known fact that faeries did live in this area, and that they had a Muslim Caliphate style kind of society, but the town’s name does not derive from them.

The town’s name has to be taken literally. Mary Clark, being a sound person, decided to listen to the voices that lurked in her head and made her feel guilty – Not that she had schizophrenia. You know what I’m talking about, you also have these. Oh, you don’t? I thought it was a perfectly normal thing – and, as a tolerant Christian she was, she set the Faeries’ community on fire.

Why did Mary do this? Her reasons are still unclear. We have asked her several times through the ouija board, and we have never had a fully satisfying response from her. She says they attacked her first, which could be true because of the faeries’ violent territorial nature – also their three fearsome rows of teeth and their highly perfected senses of smell and hearing – but many things have yet to be cleared.

The faeries, obviously, did not appreciate this. Thus a war started between her and the Caliphate. For the next couple of years, Mary fought and destroyed the only known Faerie State in the world, decimating the faerie population and reclaiming the territory as her own. By doing this, she secured the current town’s borders, and she started the community we all live in right now.


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